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System important announcement

Exchange - The ways to make money:
❖ We have exclusive 9 types of orders.
❖ Matching engine supports any assets. You can put gold, JPY, GBP, create new cryptocurrency, doesn't matter. It's a copy of Nasdaq. The difference is that you need to do is attract market makers, have an underwriter and a clearing house.
❖ Safe wallets (hold) custodian.
❖ We will soon support dual currency credit cards (BTC/USD). Credit card can be linked to BTC account. Client deposits in USD, but spends BTC.
❖ Listing.
We can list any token on ETH, NEM, NEO blockchain really fast, if a smart contract is developed properly. We have a KYC and do not list scam tokens. Our WL exchanges clients list tokens on their exchanges under their own terms (average price is 1 or 2 BTC).
❖ Liquidity.
Our WL exchange clients are granted possibility to connect directly to other exchanges via API.
❖ Web-socket API allows to exchange information in Live mode, when REST API is a request-response based one.
❖ Loyalty program.
WL exchange client can assign any token as loyalty and the same mechanics of decreasing taker-maker commission will apply, as for B2BX token on our exchange.
❖ Volume bot
In MT trader price graphics are built on ticks, but on exchanges - on matched trades.
When a client gets our WL Exchange solution, there are no trading volumes and graphics. We provide a solution for this - a trading volume bot.
We provide volume bot for 1500 USD per month or
for free, when a client lists B2BX token on his WL exchange.
We use open REST API for connection of WL exchanges to monitoring services like coinmarketcap / coincodex, etc.
Now we have FIX API for exchange.
❖ Mobile app coming soon
❖ Referral program on exchange coming soon. It will only be based on commissions.
As a good business plan, we propose the following to a clients with literally no funds:
Launch ICO, price - 2000 Usd for smart contract. After all they need is to find at least 10 investors with 20k USD, which results to 200k USD - more, than enough to launch our WL exchange solution and provide marketing. As soon as they control all the ICO tokens, they can control the market price. Profit!
                                                                                                                                  Bittxn Technical Team
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