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The Bittxn Exchange was officially launched in Asia

The Bittxn Exchange was officially launched in Asia in July. At the beginning of the launch, we received many suggestions from users. We also actively optimized the order interface to meet the operating habits of Asian users, resulting in delays in operation. We apologize for early-stage partners!

At present, BXN currency is insufficiently liquid, and has actively negotiated the listing of Excellent ICO token. One of the conditions for the sale must purchase a certain number of BXN coins. At that time, the price of BXN coins will be increased.
We have plans to improve the liquidity of BXN coins in the shortest possible time, plus the increasing volume of mainstream currency transactions, and have also enabled the function of deducting 40% (0.1%~0.06%) of the BXN deductible transaction. The future value-added space of BXN coins can be expected.                        


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